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For the first time in the United States, we're sharing the all-natural, clean, and most effective beauty secrets from ancient Persia. Get ready for the softest skin you can imagine.

Persian Goddesses have been known for their exotic beauty, silky luscious hair, and irresistibly soft skin. These women are hyper-focused on using nature's natural gifts to exfoliate and look youthful long into their golden years. PeelaDerm combines these ancient beauty secrets with the best quality natural ingredients to create the best combination of products for YOU!

We all dream of having flawless, glowing skin, but few know what it takes to achieve this. Taking care of our skin goes beyond choosing a cleanser to match our skin type or cleaning our makeup brushes. PeelaDerm focuses on the integrity of your skin. Moisturizing the skin is recommended to be done every day AND night. As Dr. Janet Prystowsky M.D., an NYC-based dermatologist, says, "The best times to moisturize are right after you get out of the shower and right before you go to bed.” so what is the secret to gorgeous skin?

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WHY PeelaDerm? 



My name is Sarah, and I am the founder of PeelaDerm. Like many of you, I have had my fair share of harsh chemicals damaging my skin, and I know the struggle to get the perfect skin. I tried everything from high-end skincare to prescription products. Finally, I found the best products for my skin in nature. Inspired by the beauty secrets of the past, I got to formulate skin products that are soothing and rejuvenating simultaneously.


As a mom of two, and a Dentist for the past 17 years, I know the value of time. Let me save you time and heartache by sharing the products that helped me obtain the most remarkable results I have ever achieved for my skin. With only 5 minutes a day routine, you can achieve the healthy and glowing skin you have always wanted. 

Happy Glowing,  

Sarah Foroughi

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