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From Sefidab to PeelaDerm

Updated: Apr 22

As I am inching towards 50, I am struggling with Blemishes, Wrinkles, Blackheads, Acne, and loss of muscle volume in my face more than ever before. Living in sunny Arizona, years of UV damage, aging, and stressful urban life have taken a toll, and Mirrors Don't Lie.

What is PeelaDerm PEEL?

I formulated PeelaDerm Re-Surface peel inspired by a product called Sefidab, a famous beauty element in Iran, Turkey, Morocco, Greece, cypress, and Lebanon. Sefidab is a skin routine used for peeling, removing Blemishes, balancing excess oil, Breakout management,

Acne scars, toning, Collagen Stimulation, and Rejuvenation.

The challenge with Sefidab is that it contains bio-unfriendly ingredients such as animal bone marrow and paint dust. Using such components is not hygienic and not

FDA-approved for cosmetics or body care products.

Looking for an alternative that is soothing and yet collagen stimulating, I formulated the Re-Surface peel. PeelaDerm was born in 2021 after months of trying different formulas and ingredients that are safe, soothing, and beneficial to the skin.

PeelaDerm Re-Surface peel contains Volcanic cosmetic clays that are both nutritious and hydrating for the skin. The unique ability to sweep the old layer of skin and roll it off the face is unparallel to any other exfoliating treatment. This process helps stimulate and regenerate collagen.

Why PeelaDerm is the Best Peeling Method?

PeelaDerm Re-Surface is a physical peeling treatment without the harsh effect of chemical agents that are very acidic and invasive to the skin. It takes 60 seconds to do PeelaDerm treatment with no downtime. Each PeelaDerm peel is suitable for 2-3 treatments, and the cost is just a fraction of the popular Chemical peels.


  1. For the best result, apply the Re-Surface peel in the shower after steaming your skin for a few minutes.

  2. Rub the peel on your skin until your face is covered.

  3. Place the peel on a dry pad for next time.

  4. Massage your face gently in a circular motion until you feel the old layer of skin rolling under your fingers.

  5. Move to a different area and repeat until you have peeled your whole face.

  6. Use a mild soap and warm water to rinse the sloughed-off skin.

  7. Always apply facial oil and moisturizer after peeling. You can proceed with your beauty routine.

Store Re-Surface peel similar to a bar of soap. Remember to keep it away from moisture unless being used. Re-Surface peel is water soluble and will dissolve if left close to water. Always conduct an arm allergy test before applying any skincare product, including PeelaDerm products.

Head over to and order your Pro-Collagen PeelaDerm peel. Enjoy this Revolutionary Facial peel that is Bio-Friendly, non-Acidic, and highly Collagen Stimulating. Happy Exfoliating!

Our products are perfect gifts for any occasion such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, or graduation. Make the best Christmas or Easter self-care gift box with our self-care kit. Most of our products are gluten-free and organic. Our products are handmade and picked from the best quality dried herbs from all around the world. Our products contain premium Saffron or natural scent from Cardamom from fields of India. Our unique Sefidab is the best natural peel and exfoliates mask made based on recipes from Greece, the Mediterranean, Iran, Persia, Turkey, Lebanon, and Egypt. Please take a moment to browse through our products from face cream and face moisturizer to Vitamin C serum and Kojic Acid Serum. Our one-of-a-kind Saffron serum is the most spoken of in the world of radiant anti-aging creams and serums. Our Matrixyl 3000 Eye Cream is the most searched for on Google Search. We are proud to hear back from our clients that they see visible results after two weeks of using PeelaDerm products.

Visit us at or check our shops on Instagram, Facebook, or Etsy.

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