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The Best Day & Night Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Oily skin needs a natural skincare regimen that hydrates without interfering with the skin's oil balance. People with oily skin generally chastise their skin for being such. Excessive washing to remove oiliness and then to skip moisturizer might cause more oil to be produced to compensate for the dryness. Over-moisturizing can also be detrimental to oily skin. The right answer is a well-personalized skincare routine for oily skin to help you balance the skin's moisture and oiliness.

What Causes Oily Skin?

Overactive sebaceous glands on the skin create oily skin. In addition, these glands secrete sebum, essential for keeping the skin bright, fresh, and moisturized.

These glands, however, can overproduce oil owing to a genetic predisposition, an ineffective skincare program, or even your diet. This extra oil plugs pores and contributes to acne outbreaks.

If you have oily skin, stick to a natural skincare program. It not only eliminates the "greasy" appearance of your skin, but it also leaves it looking fresh and lively.

Why is Your Skin Oily?

Oily skin can occur for a variety of causes. It might be your products, genetics, or a mixture of variables that have created the ideal storm for a gleaming look. Here are some of the most prevalent causes of excess oil on your skin.


Your ancestors have a lot to do with your skin. If one or both of your parents had acne, there's a strong possibility that you will as well, owing to your genetic makeup. This also applies to oily skin. If your pores are greater in size (a sign of oily skin) and your skin is always shiny, it might be due to your genetics.

Free Radical Damage

Free radicals and antioxidants have been attractive buzzwords on social media for a long time. Let us get you up to speed if you are unfamiliar. Free radicals are imbalanced molecules produced by external stressors such as:

  • Sunlight ultraviolet rays

  • Household cleaning products

  • Cigarette smoke

  • Pollution smog

When free radicals come upon balanced molecules, they damage them and cause harm to the cell in which the molecule resides. This damage is visible in your skin as oiliness aside from irritation, rashes, redness, and premature aging.

Sun Damage

Although a sunburn may cause your skin to dry at first, it will urge your skin to generate surplus oil in a short period. Sunburns cause skin damage and signal your sebaceous glands to create extra oil to cure the damage and restore the skin's hydration. The result? Oilier skin, you got it.

Climate Changes

The climate in which you reside, as well as the weather, might lead to oily skin. Your skin can absorb moisture from the air if you reside in an extremely humid and hot region. If you have oily skin, to begin with, residing in these conditions might aggravate the problem. Also, dry air and indoor heating can dry up your skin, causing your sebaceous glands to overwork. Seasonal weather changes will need alterations to your skincare program.

Improper Skin Care Routines

If you have oily skin, odds are your current skincare routine isn't as effective as it might be. Your favorite products may unintentionally trigger your skin to create even more oil.

The conventional approach to oily skin care has traditionally been to use drying treatments and to regularly cleanse your skin. Unfortunately, this just aggravates greasy skin. It may temporarily reduce oiliness and shine, but it always returns for the worse.

PeelaDerm Skin Care Ingredients

When we learn about people who have imbalanced skin (dry, oily, or mixed), our first step is to find out what substances are in their daily skincare. Those who have had oily skin their entire lives may be suffering unnecessarily due to toxic product components that keep their skin inflamed and imbalanced.

What Food Causes Oily Skin?

  • Milk, yogurt, butter, and cheese, among other dairy items, are bad for your skin.

  • Fried snacks and junk meals must be avoided.

  • Too much salt in the diet can also cause skin dryness, producing excessive sebum.

Morning Skincare Routine (am Skincare Routine for Oily Skin)


The majority of us neglect this crucial step in our daily skincare routine. A Natural toner will clear your pores and keep your skin's pH balanced. You may prepare your toner with natural components like water and rose petals, or you can purchase toners packed with aloe extract, chamomile, or honey.


You'd assume that because you have oily skin, you can forgo the moisturizer. Nevertheless, this is not the case. Even if you have oily skin, you may use non-greasy, natural oil moisturizers that are incredibly nourishing. Natural oil moisturizers boost the face without clogging the pores.

Sunscreen and UV Fighting Serum

Sunscreens, like moisturizers, are available in non-greasy formulations that are appropriate for an oily skincare routine. UV Fighting Serum with light formulations, natural extracts, antioxidants, and other ingredients can protect your skin from harmful UV radiation. Look for compounds like Saffron extracts, vitamin C, and caffeine when purchasing Serums. If you can find items for oily skin, including matte finish sunscreen, they will also provide an excellent basis for your regular makeup.

Evening Skin Care Routine (pm Skincare Routine for Oily skin)


Even if you spend the entire day indoors, you must remove the dirt and filth that has become blocked in your pores due to the environment. If you use full-face makeup during the day, you can twice wash your face to remove any makeup residue.

If you have acne-prone skin, avoid using alcohol in your skincare routine for oily skin since it will irritate your skin even more.


To balance the proper amount of moisture and battle skin acne, you should include a toner in your night-time greasy skincare regimen, just like you would in the morning. Toners containing white tea and rose can aid in treating acne-prone skin, while light toners can assist in keeping moisture on your newly scrubbed face.

Night Moisturiser

Moisturizing is essential for waking up with smooth and soft skin. If your Night moisturizer has elements that help smooth out skin discoloration, infuse moisture, and establish a balance of sebum production, you should use it every night before bed.

Eye cream

Most of us have discoloration around our eyes and wake up with swollen eyes. Because the skin around your eyes is delicate, search for mild peptide components that have a long-lasting and relaxing effect. For example, caffeine-containing eye cream can significantly aid in relaxing your skin. Matryxil 3000 Peptide Eye cream is one of the most recommended in the industry.

Weekly Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

While an oily skincare regimen daily can keep your skin moisturized and oil-free, it is crucial to supplement it with a little more TLC by adding exfoliation and face masks in your routine to provide the most nutrients to your skin. Aside from following the finest skincare regimen for oily skin, consider using home remedies once a week. Now that you've learned about the best oily skin care routine check out our blog on the best dry skin care routine to discover how to get rid of dry skin.

Tips For Creating The Best Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

Even if you're using the greatest skincare regimen for oily skin, you'll need some skin care tips and techniques to improve your skin's health and help the components function more effectively.

Natural Peel Once a Week

Peeling is the removal of a surface layer of skin which consists of dead skin. This layer functions as a leathery barrier and locks in the environmental pollution. Using Natural peel is a gentle way to break down this layer and allow the skin to penetrate to deeper layers.

Exfoliate Once a Week

Exfoliating is the removal of dead skin cells from the skin's surface with granular material. Exfoliation helps to remove microorganisms, unclog pores, and keep the skin balanced.

Exfoliation is beneficial for oily skin since it eliminates all the debris stuck on the skin's surface, including dead skin cells, chemicals, and dust.

Exfoliating once a week is a wonderful approach to enhancing skin texture, absorption rate, and complexion brightness.

Apply a Natural Face Mask

Natural clay face masks are important to oily skin's natural skincare routine. They assist in not only the opening of pores but also the hydration and tightening of the skin. In addition, clay masks are fantastic for improving the texture of greasy skin.

Use Alcohol-Free Toner

Toner helps balance your skin's pH, particularly when used after cleaning. In addition, it removes bacteria that have accumulated on the skin. Toners containing alcohol or substances like peppermints or camphor, on the other hand, may dry up the skin and activate sebaceous glands even more.

Try Avoiding Certain Foods

What you consume has a direct impact on your skin's health. This is a scientific fact with a term given by medical researchers: "the gut-skin axis."

You should avoid spicy sauce, refined wheat, sugar, dairy, and even caffeine to boost your skincare regimen. Instead, dermatologists advise consuming foods high in antioxidants and necessary nutrients to nourish the skin.

Other natural oily skin routine tips are:

  • Seek for oil-free cosmetics that are also natural, alcohol-free, and water-based formulas.

  • Do not sleep without first removing your makeup. Resting with layers of foundation, concealer, powder, etc., may clog your pores and cause acne. Before going tonight, double cleanse to remove your makeup.

  • If you sweat, wash your face instead of wiping it. If you are sweating after a workout, it is vital to wash your face to prevent debris from clogging your pores.

  • You should never leave the house without sunscreen and UV fighting Serums. While you're out in the sun, use any type of SPF to keep your skin safe. Even if you are indoors or pouring outside, use sunscreen since UV radiation may pass through clouds and windows.

  • Make healthy meals by including nutritional vitamins and eating fruits and vegetables with high water content.

  • You should also read our blogs on ways and tricks of properly caring for your skin.

How to Choose the Best Products for a Skincare Routine for Oily Skin?

To create an effective skincare routine for your oily skin, you need top-notch skincare products. Peeladerm has made it simple by providing the best products to help you obtain the most remarkable results.

All you need is to go to Peeladerm's online shop and look at our skincare products to get that glowing skin you have always wanted.

Skincare Routine for Oily Skin: Let's Recap

Oily skin may be both a benefit and a problem. Oil production strengthens hair follicles, resulting in a rich, lustrous gloss. It also reduces wrinkles as you age and provides more natural sun protection.

On the other hand, oily skin may generate that horrible greasy sensation and make you appear like you just sweated after a strenuous workout, as well as clogged pores and acne outbreaks if left uncontrolled.

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