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Yes! It is all about an Orange.

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Vitamin C is the most potent antioxidant to boost our immune system and protect us against illnesses. In the world of Beauty and skincare, vitamin C is available in Serums, Moisturizers, Glowing products, and Facial Toners.

It is a scientific and clinical fact that vitamin C offers a brighter and more even skin complexion. It also prevents wrinkle formation by fighting free radicals. More than 20 different forms of vitamin C are available in skin care products. However, not all offer the same level of penetration, stability, and efficacy. According to Skin Advisory Board member and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Shasa Hu, THD is the most potent and Bio-compatible form of Vitamin C.


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant with great potential for producing brighter, healthier, and more visibly youthful skin. Vitamin C can erase pigmentations by restricting melanin production and minimizing signs of photodamage. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in the formation and maintenance of Collagen, a valuable anti-aging element.

THD vs. Traditional Vitamin C Formulas

We are all clear on why it is important to have vitamin C incorporated in our skincare. However, the crucial factor is vitamin C absorption and stability to achieve an anti-aging effect, hyperpigmentation repair, collagen formation, and brightening effect.

Most vitamin C products use L-Ascorbic Acid, a primary vitamin C formula with several limitations due to high water solubility. The penetration of L-Ascorbic is limited by the amount of water available on the outer layer of your skin. L-Ascorbic also has a PH range of 3.5 with the possibility of skin irritation.

THD is fat-soluble and more stable at a higher PH range. THD dissolves into and crosses the skin barrier, delivering the benefits of vitamin C to the target place to induce collagen formation. The higher PH range makes THD soothing and safe for sensitive skin.

PeelaDerm is proud to offer C-Surface, the best quality THD Serum available in light-sensitive bottles for your daily use.


THD offers the following benefits with the highest potency.

-Minimizing Wrinkles: fights free radicals

-Brightening: brightens skin tone

-Unclog Pores: helps with oil control, breakouts, and acne-prone skin

Multiple clinical studies indicate THD Ascorbate is the best form of vitamin C, not only for its increased stability and penetration into the skin but for its effectiveness in promoting collagen production. THD Ascorbate surpasses the penetration of L-Ascorbic acid by threefold at the same concentration and maintains a higher penetration rate, crossing the outer and inner layers of the skin.


THD Ascorbate will provide the most benefit when applied in the morning to fight the UV damage we encounter during daylight. For maximum penetration rate, THD Ascorbate should be used as a serum before moisturizers and always followed by sunscreen. THD Ascorbate is non-irritating to sensitive skin. Combining C-Surface Serum, The THD serum product, with Saffron Miracle Serum can help maximize both products’ anti-aging and brightening benefits. While THD Ascorbate is a very stable form of vitamin C, as with most skincare products, keep it at a cool temperature and out of direct sunlight.

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